Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Solar Cookers: Refined and Classy?

I am VERY excited about The Cob Solar Oven built by Oriol Balliu.

How gorgeous is THAT?! Very! It's beautiful. My experience with solar cookers is that they are hideous looking satellite things that can be very functional. Alas, I was shocked to come across this one. It reaches 100 degrees Celsius. By adding an attachment piece you can get it up to 120C. Now, there are other solar cookers that reach a higher temperature. I know this. But, I think this design could be tweaked to achieve higher temperatures with integrated attachments. The one he uses seems to be an afterthought.

My only complaint is that he used recycled press plates to line the inside of the oven. I am all for reusing but I've used a printing press and I know how many chemicals go onto them constantly. I would never be satisfied that they were all removed. It would forever give me the ick feeling and I'd worry constantly that I was killing people with my food. But that's me. Regardless, this thing probably costs very little to make and is extremely cool. Check out more info on it here.

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