Wednesday, August 12, 2009

DIY Animal Tack Game


Cork Board, $2.99 at Ikea

Mallet, $3.00 at Amazon

Nails/Tacks, $3.00/60 nails at Ace Hardware (Mine were 1/2")

Animal Figurines, $7.80 (20 pieces at $0.39/piece) at AC Moore(Mine were painted)

Containers, $4.99 for 3 at IKEA

Total Cost: $21.78

The more you repurpose, the more you save. Assembly is really easy. Just drill holes in the wooden animal figurines. Make sure to match the size of the nails to the drill bit. I drilled the holes first and bought the nails second, but it really doesn't matter which order you go in. After that, you "package" everything. The animals and tacks go into containers and you can put the whole lot into its own box or bag.

This was a great project because it took me a couple of days to get everything together and my son participated in the making. He got to pick the pieces and helped me (a teeny bit) with the drilling. This worked in my favor because we had made a deal - he would get a cool toy if he followed our bedtime rules for 5 nights (no yelling, you go back to sleep in your bed). So as he fulfilled his part of the bargain he could see me fulfilling my end.

If this is too much work (you're really lazy) you can buy the Haba Figure Tack Set, $30.59 at

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