Thursday, September 10, 2009

12 Do-It-Yourself Projects

These projects are compliments of Design Sponge. Most of them are for the home and most of them I would like to try.

  1. Create reusable envelopes from left over fabric scraps.

  2. Reuse drawer fronts from a broken dresser to hang stuff up! Usually the drawers break, not the dresser structure or drawer fronts. So use the fronts and re-purpose the dresser as a shelf. The remaining drawer wood could be used to finish off the more visible parts of the drawer cavities.

  3. Who needs a white board when you've got old windows to serve as message boards?

  4. Got lumber? Make a coffee table.

  5. Bandaid and Altoid Tins Reused as First Aid, Sewing, and Dental Kits.

  6. Ditch Store Bought Scrubbers for these Crocheted Dish Scrubbers. Toss them in the wash and reuse. You can also buy these from I like to use Loofah slices in place of SOS pads.

  7. Give Hand-printed Fleece Scarves as Christmas presents this year. I know I'm not the only one with a crowd phobia.

  8. Maybe I'm a gigantic hippie, but I think bebes would love this Leaf Mobile, especially if you added in additional colors and a cross section. Or better yet, combine it with the Bird Mobile or the Origami Mobile or even these Modern Paper Ornaments.

  9. If you've come into more mason jars than you can handle (Personally, I don't think this is possible) you can make an interesting light fixture with Whitney's Mason Jar Lights.

  10. Stop talking about having a big, awesome, welcoming dining room table and make one!

  11. Get organized with a Peg Board Project. I'm thinking my laundry room could use this.

  12. Add some pizazz to your file cabinet with Casey's Wallpaper File Cabinet.

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