Friday, January 8, 2010

Random Recipes that Look Delish (Thanks, Martha.)

Cranberry-Grapefruit Sparkler: Cranberries, citrus, and pomegranates all harbor antioxidants such as vitamin C that will boost your immunity as cold and flu season rolls around. Create sparklers using fresh, organic 100% fruit juices and sparkling mineral water.

Red Pepper Triangles with Italian Relish: These would make a GREAT finger food. Unless, of course, you have a room full of red pepper haters.

Cucumber Cups: Another great finger food, this one with refreshing, light ingredients. You might try ricotta or a fattier cheese if cottage cheese seems to blah.

Vegetable Salsa: This looks really interesting, perhaps too interesting for most of the people I know. I do like hiding veggies though ...

Lemon Cream with Blackberries: Ummm hello? Lemon. Cream. Fruit. What's not to love? It's quick and easy to boot. Truthfully, I love the flavor of blackberries but don't like crunching down on their super tough seeds. What's a girl to do?

Pumpkin Thyme Rigatoni and Sautéed Rhubarb Chard: Tis the season! Pumpkins and leafy greens. This is actually two items off of a menu but I say MIX EM! Leave them separate to accommodate the finicky.

Grilled Burger with Garden Veggies: So this is obviously a summer craving but the recipe is from scratch and that's why I like it. They throw some basil in the patty mix. Don't some of those veggies need to be diced and added to the patty mix too? I think so.

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