Friday, July 17, 2009

Compost in a Brown Paper Bag

So, I have issues remembering cloth bags when I go to the store. It's ridiculous. I have at least 15 reusable bags. I end up getting paper bags and use them to put our recycling in because OF COURSE the service isn't offered in my neighborhood and every Tuesday our recycling must go to my mother-in-law's.

Up until about a week ago I didn't have a compost pile. I've been beating myself up for the last two years for not having one and recently Angel has been beating me up about it too. So I had to think long and hard about why I wasn't composting (don't have the materials, am afraid I will do something wrong, am unsure whether I'm allowed to in my neighborhood) and then went looking around the house for something I could use.

"It doesn't have to be perfect!" I said as I threw my hands up in exasperation. "It just needs to happen!" After twenty minutes of looking and thinking I was nearly ready to give up. It was getting late and I'm deathly afraid of mosquito bites, I needed to make dinner, Aiden needed a bath.

And then I decided that a paper bag would do. It would be my temporary fix and my first brave attempt at composting. It would biodegrade, its a "brown". So I threw some veggie scraps in the bag and put a couple of handfuls of dried leaves on top, shook it, and put it out back. If the rabbits eat the scraps, good for them. If there are flys and it smells, oh well. (I'M not going to smell it because it sits near a window that we don't open because my husband is terrified that at any moment the weather and send buckets of rain sloshing onto his recording equipment.) And if it takes twice the amount of time to resemble soil, so be it. It's not in my trash. I won't suspect my veggies are giving me graven accusatory glances for wasting their fruit and depriving them of natural sustenance. I'm trying. I don't have to feel guilty anymore!


Ok, so all I did was put food scraps in a paper bag. It makes me feel like a revolutionary. Ok?

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