Friday, July 17, 2009

Guerrilla Greening #2

#1 DO NOT wash your hands every time you use the bathroom.
"OMG!", "WTF?!", you say. Watch your mouth! This will offend your sense of morality in modern times. I realize this. However, I highly doubt you will die or become gravely ill if you miss a hand-washing. Especially if you sit at a computer (like mio) all day. Your hands will thank you! They are not fans of constant exposure to soaps. Unless you are sick or happened to touch something you didn't mean to whilst using the toilet, you can wash every other visit (or more) if you dare ...

#2 Turn off lights in uninhabited rooms.
We have motion sensors in our kitchen and mail room yet the lights in those rooms are always on. At least, this was the case during my first month of employment. Then, I started turning them off every time I passed those rooms. Sometimes I even turn the lights off in our empty bathroom (shhh don't tell anyone ... it annoys people!). I have noticed that these lights are less frequently on then they used to be. It is as if my ninja light switch skills are spreading to the hands of others.

Happy Guerrilla Greening!